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Morey’s staff’s recommendation Poke Bowl!!!

Aloha! Have you tried our new Poke Bowl?

Since we reopened, we are starting new Poke Bowl menu! Let’s see Morey’s staff’s recommendation Poke Bowl.

Chichi’s Recommendation 

-Regular Poke Bowl

Base: Salad

Poke: Lemon Garlic Salt Shrimp & Original Shoyu Mix


Renee’s recommendation 

-Regular Poke Bowl

Base: Blown Rice

Poke: Creamy Wasabi Mayo Ahi & Spicy Shoyu Tako


Akane’s recommendation

-Regular Poke Bowl

Base: Salad

Poke: Ginger Ahi Tataki & Spicy Creamy Mayo Mix


Sara’s Recommendation

-Regular Poke Bowl

Base: Sushi Rice

Poke: Lemon Garlic Salmon & Ginger Ahi



You can choose from seven kind of Poke and seven kind of sauce for each Poke. Find a your favorite Poke with our original sauce!

We are open 11am to 6pm Everyday!

Phone oder is. available: (808)200-1995