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We’re featured in Japanese magazines!!

mapple Hawaii ’19
まっぷるハワイ ’19

mapple Active Hawaii
アクティブ ハワイ (まっぷる)

MADURO 2019 1
MADURO 2019年 1 月号

and GIRL 2019 1
and GIRL 2019年1月号

Hawaii no arukikata 2019~20
ハワイの歩き方 ホノルル ショッピング&グルメ 2019~20



Honolulu Star Advertiser


KITV – Good Morning Hawaii

Twice - Café Morey’s with “TWICE” on Japanese TV show !!(Abema TV)
Also Morey’s on their Music Video of New single “Happy Happy” !!

Moya Moya Summers – Café Morey’s on Japanese Popular TV show “Moya Moya Summers” .
They enjoyed our 3 kinds of best menu “Honu Fruits Pancake” ,”Morey’s Fried Rice with egg&Garlic Shrimp” and” Special Smoothie”.

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